• When does Big SASIG take place?

Big SASIG is a conference taking place Wednesday 25 May 2022. Further details on the programme are available here.


  • How much does it cost to attend Big SASIG?

Big SASIG is entirely FREE for delegates to attend, including all programme events and networking activities with delegates, speakers and event partners.


  • How do I get invited to Big SASIG?

Big SASIG delegates will primarily be CIOs, CISOs and their staff together with professionals from other disciplines (risk, HR, legal, supply etc.); representatives from government, law enforcement and academia; and new recruits into our industry.

Delegates can apply to attend the event here. We reserve the right to decline any registrations as we can only admit delegates who meet the criteria for SASIG membership. Representatives of vendor/supplier organisations who are interested in attending as partners should contact [email protected].


  • When do I receive joining instructions?

We will email joining instructions to all delegates a couple of weeks prior to the conference.


  • Can I book my sessions in advance?

We encourage delegates to pre-register for the sessions they would like to attend as soon as the Conference platform is open for logon.


  • Can I send someone in my place if I cannot make it?

Delegate login details issued for use at the conference on the app are valid for the named attendee only and cannot be transferred. Your colleague can register to attend as a delegate here.


  • Will I be able to ask questions during the sessions?

Indeed! We encourage questions from delegates at the end of the presentations.


  • Do I get a choice of partners I will meet with?

Absolutely! You may meet with any and all of the partners that interest you. You can make appointments for one-to-one meetings before the event.


  • Do I have to attend one-to-one meetings and partner workshops?

Delegates are required to book attend a minimum of three one-on-one meetings and a minimum of three partner workshops. If you have booked an appointment with one of the partners or another delegate, we ask that you let them know as soon as you are aware you cannot make the meeting. This gives you the opportunity to reschedule and allows them to use the time for another delegate.


  • How do I become a partner of Big SASIG?

Partners can contact us here to attend the event here. Please note that partner spaces are limited and in great demand.


  • How do I become a press partner or an influencer of Big SASIG?

If you have a medium related to the cybersecurity industry (a newspaper, magazine, website or blog, for example) or you have a significant LinkedIn or Twitter following, please contact us here.


  • Can I speak at the event?

Our audience would love to hear from you if you have an interesting, relevant story to tell. We may also have opportunities for our daily webinars. Please contact us here.


  • Can I submit a suggestion for a workshop or session?

Our sessions are planned well in advance of the conference, however, we are always happy to consider suggestions for topics that will interest the SASIG audience. Please submit your suggestion here.