BitSight Technologies

BitSight transforms how companies take on third-party risk management and security performance management. BitSight’s leading security reporting service delivers actionable security ratings, cyber risk metrics and security benchmarks through continuous monitoring of large pools of objective and independently verified data. By enabling more complete security visibility and evaluating how well an organisation’s attack surfaces and third parties are protected against cybersecurity threats, BitSight helps to improve cybersecurity posture and manage risk more efficiently and effectively.


BlueVoyant deliver purpose-built cyber security services that proactively defend business ecosystems of all sizes against today’s threats by utilizing large, real-time datasets with industry leading analytics, and technologies. BlueVoyant’s threat intelligence data detects your most potent cybersecurity risks, while intuitive automations mitigate threats against your attack surface effectively and efficiently, providing the business and technical outcomes you need to both stay secure and to support your business objectives.

Bosch CyberCompare

CyberCompare has helped more than 150 external customers to find the right cybersecurity solution provider for the required area from awareness trainings, across pen-tests or EDR solutions to SIEM and managed SOC at the best price-/performance ratio since starting to bring the cybersecurity expertise of Bosch to the external market.
With diagnostics, anonymized tenders and playbooks we make sure, IT departments and CISOs get the best out of their security budgets and most importantly their very limited time. We take care of the whole tender process, enabling our clients to make informed decisions on their next step on their journey to security. CyberCompare is Cybersecurity Purchasing Simplified with a trausted partner. Most importantly: we are fully independent – no re-seller contracts with providers, no other interest than our customers’ security drive us.

BSI Group

BSI’s global expertise enables its clients to better enhance their cyber resilience, protecting their critical information and IT infrastructure, people, and brand reputation. It supports organisations through an integrated portfolio of cybersecurity and data risk management services. Digital trust, a domain of organisational resilience, empowers organisations to safeguard their information – physical, digital, and intellectual property – throughout its lifecycle, from source to destruction. Adopting business-focused, information-security-minded practices enables stakeholders to gather, store, access, and use information securely and effectively.


CrowdStrike was founded in 2011 to fix a fundamental problem: The sophisticated attacks that were forcing the world’s leading businesses into the headlines could not be solved with existing malware-based defences. Co-founders George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch realized that a brand new approach was needed — one that combines the most advanced endpoint protection with expert intelligence to pinpoint the adversaries perpetrating the attacks, not just the malware.


CybSafe is a behavioural science and data analytics company that builds software to help organisations manage human cyber risk. The CybSafe software platform tracks and measures security behaviour to improve security controls and awareness activities. It delivers instant, personalised support for users and enables security teams to reduce risk in changing environments.


CybSafe is being used by over 350 organisations, such as Credit Suisse, Ocado, HSBC and HM Government, and is accredited by NCSC and CIISec. Cybsafe has also been recognised as a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Security Awareness and Training Solutions Q1 2022 report.


To learn more about what we do, or to take a tour of the platform just get in touch with our team at [email protected].


Darktrace AI interrupts in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, including ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure. Join over 6,500 organizations worldwide that rely on a digital immune system to avoid cyber disruptions, without impacting regular business operations.

Digital Shadows

Digital Shadows provides threat intelligence that delivers for every security team. Their platform was built with today’s overloaded security analyst at heart, who demanded a more relevant and actionable approach to threat intelligence. SearchLight focuses on the digital risks that organisations care about, using a proven threat model that adapts to the organisation’s risk profile and appetite. This approach delivers the least noise of any solution on the market, allowing security teams to work faster and with less drain on resources than ever before.


DTEX Systems helps hundreds of organisations worldwide better understand their workforce, protect their data, and make human-centric operational investments. Its Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform brings together UEBA, endpoint DLP, digital forensics, employee monitoring and insider threat management into one scalable, cloud-native platform. Through its patented and privacy-compliant meta-data collection and analytics engine, the DTEX platform surfaces abnormal behavioural ‘indicators of intent’ to mitigate risk of data and IP loss and make smarter business decisions quickly.


EfficientIP is a network security and automation company, specializing in DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI). It promotes business continuity and helps organisations drive business efficiency through agile, secure and reliable network infrastructures. Its unified management frameworks and network configurations ensures end-to-end visibility, consistency control and advanced automation. Its unique 360° DNS security solution protects data confidentiality and application access. EfficientIP is the world’s first DDI vendor to release patented and award-winning innovation features to secure against DNS infrastructure threats. Its specific DNS security solutions can protect against volumetric attacks such as Zero-Day, DoS, and data exfiltration even when the source is not identified.


Egress’ mission is to eliminate the most complex cybersecurity challenge every organisation faces: insider risk. They understand that people get hacked, make mistakes, and break the rules. To prevent these human-activated breaches, they have built the only Human Layer Security platform that defends against inbound and outbound threats. Using patented contextual machine learning Egress detects and prevents abnormal human behaviour, such as misdirected emails, data exfiltration, and targeted spear-phishing attacks. Used by the world’s biggest brands, Egress is private equity backed and has offices in London, New York, and Boston.


ESET is the fourth largest cybersecurity company in the world, the largest in Europe, and protects millions of businesses and customers worldwide. It is trusted by some of the largest global companies, including Google, where ESET protects the 1 billion+ Chrome users each day. Whether it’s endpoint and mobile security or encryption and multi-factor authentication; its high performing, low impact, easy-to-use products give you peace of mind to enjoy the full potential of your technology 24/7.
ESET solutions ensure you are shielded from both known cyber threats and zero days, and our cybersecurity experts (in 13 R&D centres around the world) work tirelessly to keep the cybercriminals at bay every day. With this dedication, ESET has been recognised as one of the foremost digital security vendors in the world by a host of best-in-class independent test organisations and analysts for over 30 years.

Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs powers the real-time measurement of human cyber capabilities across technical and non-technical teams—any role within the organization, including cyber teams, developers, engineers and executives—all in one platform. We call this Cyber Workforce Optimization.

Today, Immersive Labs has over 300 employees across the UK, US and EMEA, with hubs in Bristol, UK and Boston, MA. To date, we’ve secured $123 million in investment from Insight Partners, Menlo Ventures, Citi Ventures, Summit Partners and Goldman Sachs. Our technology is already helping over 300 enterprises around the world, including AirBnB, P&G, Citibank, Sophos and the NHS, while around 5,000 labs are completed every single day.

Living Security

Living Security’s mission is to transform human risk to drive dramatic improvement in human behaviours, organisational security culture, and infosec program effectiveness. With our Human Risk Management platform, Living Security engages each employee with innovative and relevant context and content, while simultaneously providing the ability for leadership to identify, report
on, and directly mitigate the risk brought on by human behaviour


Since 2004, Mandiant® has been a trusted partner to security-conscious organisations. Effective security is based on the right combination of expertise, intelligence, and adaptive technology, and the Mandiant Advantage SaaS platform scales decades of frontline experience and industry-leading threat intelligence to deliver a range of dynamic cyber defence solutions. Mandiant’s approach helps organisations develop more effective and efficient cybersecurity programmes and instils confidence in their readiness to defend against and respond to cyber threats.


The organic adoption of cloud and mobile in the enterprise presents challenges for security teams when it comes to managing risk without slowing down the business. Security has traditionally managed risk by applying heavy-handed controls, but today’s business wants to move fast without having velocity throttled. Netskope is redefining cloud, network, and data security, empowering security teams with the right balance of protection and speed they need to secure their organization’s digital transformation journey.


Proofpoint is a leading cybersecurity company that protects organisations’ greatest assets and biggest risks: their people. With an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions, they help companies around the world stop targeted threats, safeguard their data, and make their users more resilient against cyber attacks. Leading organisations of all sizes, including more than half of the Fortune 1000, rely on them for people-centric security and compliance solutions that mitigate their most critical risks across email, the cloud, social media, and the web.


Remediant prevents ransomware and other sophisticated intrusions by removing 24×7 administrator rights from endpoints and adding back only what is needed, Just-in-Time.

Risk Ledger

Traditional risk assessment processes are a paper shield against cyber attacks. Risk Ledger removes the burden of inefficient, ineffective admin, so organisations can do more of what matters.

Approved by UK government experts, Risk Ledger’s framework is the only way to achieve real scalability for supply chain security.


The modern workplace is hybrid. SCC brings together technology and expertise enabling end-users to seamlessly collaborate and work together, wherever work needs to happen. SCC’s managed IT services, industry leading technology partnerships and specialised knowledge spanning over 45 years working with the UK’s largest public sector and commercial sector organisations can help you realise the hybrid workplace for your business.

Schroders Personal Wealth

Schroders Personal Wealth (SPW) benefits from 400 years of combined experience in investment management and banking offered by their two shareholders, Lloyds Banking Group and Schroders plc.


Their heritage may be 400 years old, but their approach to financial planning is built for the future.


SPW’s mission is to help more people across the UK realise their dreams by unlocking the power of a personalised financial plan. They understand that money is simply fuel for the rocket, and what people really want is to use it to go somewhere. They have hopes, fears and dreams. Great financial planning helps them work out where they want to be and how to get there.


Secrutiny is an MSSP that believes cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complex to be smart. The right balance between prevent, detect, respond, and recover offers the best assurance that your operation will survive an incident. They encourage and guide you through identifying risk, determining effective policy and processes, and architecting security solutions that work in your environment without slowing your operation down. Secrutiny understands that every customer has different requirements. Their specialist team, with diverse backgrounds in the latest enabling technologies, IT systems security, and forensic analysis, have the expertise and experience to assist with any business case.
Their core services include Cyber Maturity, Cyber Risk Analyser, Cyber Controls, Incident Response, SOC, Cyber Recovery, and Assurance Testing.


At SentinelOne, we are redefining cybersecurity by pushing the boundaries of extended detection & response and how we autonomously protect the enterprise. Our Singularity™️ XDR Platform utilises AI-powered analysis engines to collapse many atomic security events into single incident storylines. These storylines detail the whole attack lifecycle, empowering prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting across user endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, storage and IoT devices in a single platform. This enables modern enterprises to defend faster, at greater scale, and with higher accuracy across their entire attack surface

Skybox Security

Over 500 of the world’s largest and most security-conscious enterprises rely on Skybox® Security for the insights and assurance required to stay ahead of dynamically changing attack surfaces. At Skybox, we don’t just serve up data and information. We provide the intelligence and context to make informed decisions, taking the guesswork out of securely enabling enterprises at scale and speed. Our security posture management platform delivers complete visibility, analytics, and automation to quickly map, prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities across your organisation. The vendor-agnostic platform intelligently optimises security policies, actions, and change processes across all corporate networks and cloud environments. With Skybox, security teams can now focus on the most strategic business initiatives while ensuring enterprises remain protected.


Splunk is the data platform leader for security and observability. Our extensible data platform powers enterprise observability, unified security and limitless custom applications. Splunk helps tens of thousands of organizations turn data into doing so they can unlock innovation, enhance security and drive resilience.


Big SASIG is grateful to Synack for sponsoring our conference networking drinks reception.

In today’s environment, traditional pen testing is broken. The Synack Platform, fuelled by a diverse community of vetted and trusted researchers, gives your business the best chance of finding every vulnerability that matters. Synack delivers continuous cybersecurity testing and advanced technology, giving organisations visibility into their most critical vulnerabilities and actionable solutions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with regional teams around the world, Synack protects leading global banks, federal agencies, DoD classified assets, and more than $6 trillion in Fortune 500 and Global 2000 revenue. A 4-time CNBC Disruptor 50 company, Synack was founded in 2013 by former NSA security experts Jay Kaplan, CEO, and Dr. Mark Kuhr, CTO.

Think Cyber Security

ThinkCyber delivers measurable secure behaviour change. When 90% of cyber attacks start with the human user and technical controls cannot be 100% effective, your people remain your last line of defence. But engaging them can be hard. You need to manage operational risk, meet compliance goals, and keep your content refreshed and relevant, but also allow your colleagues to get on with meeting business goals.
Redflags™ offers you the toolkit to do this. It pushes content directly to your people’s devices, applying behavioural and learning science techniques to engage users with continually updated guidance or nudge them at points of risk: imparting policy, education and awareness. User impact is minimised through drip feeding just a minute’s content at a time. Engagement measurements also give you compliance data, visibility of staff risk areas, and measurable behaviour change over time.


Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, specialising in software for data protection, threat detection and response, and compliance. Varonis protects enterprise data by analysing data activity, perimeter telemetry, and user behavior; prevents disaster by locking down sensitive data; and efficiently sustains a secure state with automation.


Varonis started operations in 2005 and has customers spanning leading firms in the financial services, public, healthcare, industrial, insurance, energy and utilities, technology, consumer and retail, media and entertainment and education sectors. 


Verizon Communications Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and communications services. Headquartered in New York City and with a presence around the world, the company offers data, video and voice services, and solutions on its award-winning networks and platforms, delivering on customers’ demand for mobility, reliable network connectivity, security and control. It provides network security, managed detection and response and investigative response services to some of the world’s largest organisations. Its in-house expertise, threat intelligence and partnerships with many leading security technology vendors enable Verizon to provide flexible and technologically advanced solutions. It is an award-winning professional services organisation providing strategic and architectural consulting and security assurance services, and is one of the world’s largest PCI QSAs.